By Carla Capone

Yesterday morning,
I stepped outside only to feel that fall has come back around,

I wish that you would come back around.

Your cigarette breath would no longer be translucent,
But thick in the air like the smog before a California sunrise.
Your ocean blue eyes would be deeper,
Like your voice in the morning,
When we forget to shut the windows before bed.
Somehow fall surprises me every year,
Shattering my reverie of eternal summer,
Like 99 cent glass against a mountain range.
The brisk morning breeze seeps into me,
Like the smell of morning coffee that I won’t finish,
Because you weren’t there to share it with me.

You were never really there to share it with me.

You made sure to show me the stars in a summer night sky,
But very rarely the sunrise on a biting winter morning.
I keep looking for you at every corner I turn,
Thinking that you’ll turn up like the orange and brown,
Unfolding on the surface of these falling leaves.
You were the silver lining ending my weeks,
But now that silver is rusted over by copper,
That could never shine the way you did.

I wish for a second you thought about me,
The way I think about you.

Which color do you like better,
Yellow or blue?
And once you decide,
I bet you could never explain why,
You’re most attracted to blue,
And unfortunately that’s the only way,
I could ever describe how I feel about you.

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