Editor: Megan Gow,

Megan Gow is a sophomore studying English and Art History. She’s been in Kalliope for a little over a year and fell in love with it very quickly. Some of her hobbies include reading, playing viola, or listening to vinyl records.

Managing Editor: Rushabh Soni,

Rushabh Soni is an English major who is going to graduate in May 2019. He joined Kalliope last year and loves it. He loves reading philosophical texts, as he is also pursuing a minor in Philosophy. He can also beatbox and play the drums. In his spare time he also writes a variety of poetry.

Treasurer: Abby Shroba,

Abby Shroba is a Senior English Major with a Business and Liberal Arts Minor. She’ll be graduating in May 2019 and sadly leaving Kalliope after three years as a member. Currently, she is working on he senior thesis on Beloved, Maus, and Solar Storms which is taking up most of her time, but when she’s free she likes to do yoga, snowboard, cook, or go for a run.

Secretary:  Katelyn Robbins,

Katelyn Robbins is a junior majoring in English and History and minoring in Religious Studies. This is her third year at Kalliope and on the fiction committee, and her second year as secretary for the magazine. Katelyn is also secretary for Alliance Christian Fellowship and a member of the Penn State Renaissance Club.


Additional Leadership Roles

Marketing & PR: Tara Golthi,

Production Chair: Morgan Seiff,

Morgan Seiff is a sophomore studying Film with minors in English and Jewish Studies. This is her second year with Kalliope and her first year as Production Leader. If she doesn’t ever make it as a big-shot film director, she plans on becoming a crazy cat lady.

Webmaster and Social Media Chair: Harlee Mowery,

Harlee Mowery is a senior majoring in Secondary Education and English with minors in Writing, Special Education, Education Policy Studies, Rehabilitation and Human Service, Deafness and Hearing Studies, and Psychology. She is also working to toward her ESL and Child Development certifications. Harlee has been with the Kalliope for two years as Non-fiction Coordinator. In her free time she likes to read, write, and listen to a variety of music.

Nonfiction Coordinator: Harlee Mowery,

Refer to Webmaster and Social Media Chair.

Fiction Coordinator: Steven Schneible,

Steven Schneible, sophomore, is an English and Psychology major who’s been with Kalliope since his freshman year. He has received a few writing awards for his nonfiction and fiction, and literature-wise, his interests are primarily in the fiction of the New Sincerity movement.

Poetry Coordinator: Rushabh Soni,

Refer to Managing Editor position.

Art Coordinator: Sarah Bodnar,

Sarah Bodnar is a Graphic Design major by week, competitive baton twirler by weekend. Any and all free time in-between is filled with reading, writing, studying, designing, and biscotti coffee. This is her first year with Kalliope, and she’s very excited about the year to come.

Faculty Advisor: Alison Jaenicke,