Are you interested in submitting your original writing or artwork to Kalliope 2020?

“Tiki Tuesday” by Elise Warfield, published in Kalliope 2018
The deadline for submitting to Kalliope 2020 is January 22, 2020, at 11:59 pm. If you will be an undergraduate student at Penn State University Park during the 2019-20 academic year, feel free to submit your work anytime between now and the deadline to be considered for this year’s edition. In the meantime, consider submitting to Kalliope’s online sister magazine, Klio in the fall. All work submitted to Klio will also be considered for the print magazine Kalliope.

Committees will review the submissions in January and February and let each contributor know whether their work was selected by the middle of March. Kalliope 2020 will be published in April and be available near the end of the semester.
All contributions must be submitted in digital format (Word document preferred). Make sure to include the following information in the body of your email:
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • PSU e-mail Address
  • Title of Submission
Whether you want to opt out of having your work published in our online editions of Kalliope or our sister magazine, Klio.

Kalliope Requirements:

While lengthy works will be judged the same as shorter works, we do want to showcase as much of Penn State as possible and so encourage submitters to aim for a 5,000-word maximum. Flash fiction is welcome. Each submitter may submit no more than 3 pieces to the fiction committee.

While lengthy works will be judged the same as shorter works, we do want to showcase as much of Penn State as possible and so encourage submitters to aim for a 5,000-word maximum. Each submitter may submit no more than 3 pieces to the non-fiction committee.

You may submit as many as 5 poems. While poems longer than one page will be considered, keep in mind that all lines will have to fit in a 6″x 9″ page with margins. While poems that do not fit these dimensions (especially shape poems) will not be disqualified from being chosen, poems that do not meet this requirement may not be considered. (Shrinking font to meet this goal will not be helpful as we will be editing all pieces in the journal to appear in the same font and size).

Art and Photography:
We will only be accepting content that meets a minimum of 300 DPI/PPI (Dots/Pixels Per Inch). This is the bare minimum necessary for your works to come out clear in either online or physical publication. If you have any questions on correcting resolution, please email the art editor.

Please send submissions to the appropriate editorial staff:
Fiction submissions:
Nonfiction submissions:
Poetry submissions:
Art and Photography submissions:

Fall 2019–FOLIO Micro Chapbook! (submission period is now closed)

For the second year,  Kalliope is collecting submissions for our fall semester chapbook, Folio. Named after the literary journal Kalliope was born from (Portfolio), this special 5×7″ black-and-white booklet pays homage to our humble beginnings.

Written work published in this chapbook will be shorter than the typical Kalliope pieces. Artwork featured will be black-and-white.

Deadline for submissions is October 27, 11:59 pm. Submission guidelines for each genre are:

Poetry:  You can submit up to 3 poems. Each poem should be 15 lines or less, with max 10 words per line. The shorter the poem, the better. This may be a chance for poets to practice writing shorter, more concise poems. Because Folio will be printed in a 5-inch by 7-inch format, shape poems (poems that take different geometric shapes) may not be considered if they don’t fit the size of the page. (send to:

“Untitled” by Frank Scaramuzzo, published in Folio 2018

Fiction:  Folio will feature stories of the flash- or micro-fiction form. What this means for potential submitters: we will only look at submissions of 500 words or fewer. However, there is no minimum; micro-fiction is by nature a form that demands experimentation, and we encourage our submitters to explore whatever they’d like to, however they’d like to, within the confines of 500 words. Happy storytelling! (send to:

Nonfiction:  For non-fiction submissions, we are requiring a piece be 100-500 words in the micro or flash style. There are no topic restrictions. Be creative! (send to:

Art:  Any type of art will be considered as long as it is submitted as a PNG, JPG, or PDF file. (To convert traditionally-drawn art into a PDF document, the Adobe Scan app is very helpful). All art submissions must be in black and white, and should look good on a 5” x 7” page.  A DPI of 300 is preferred for each piece. You may submit multiple entries. (send to:

Send your work to the appropriate email account for each genre, with the following information:

  • Subject line: “Folio Submission”
  • Body of email: 1) Your name, 2) Phone Number, 3) PSU e-mail address, 4) Title of Submission

(NOTE: To prevent overlap between our two print publications, work published in Folio will not be considered for publication in Kalliope.)