1. How much does an issue of Kalliope cost?
We are a free publication thanks to Penn State!

2. When is Kalliope published?
The print edition of Kalliope is published at the end of the second semester each academic year.

3. Where can I pick up a copy of this year’s edition?
You can pick up the latest edition in the English Department, Floor 4M, Burrowes Building.

4. How can I get involved?
Kalliope always welcomes new members! If you’re interested in joining the staff, contact one of our editors (see Staff page).

5. How do I submit a work?
Submitting is easy! Check out our submissions page to see the details.

6. Can I publish my story after it appears in Kalliope?
Yes you can! Kalliope holds no rights to your work. We are a free, student-run magazine funded by the university.

7. Do you censor the works?
We do our best to keep your work in its original form. While we don’t censor the works, we may edit for grammatical errors and reject truly offensive material.

8. Where can I get past issues of Kalliope?
There are copies of past editions of Kalliope in Paterno Library and the PSU archive. If you want a copy to keep, please contact our faculty adviser Alison Jaenicke at acj137@psu.edu.

9. I am not an undergraduate student at Penn State–can I still contribute to the magazine?
We are an undergraduate-run magazine that publishes solely undergraduate work produced by students currently enrolled at Penn State University Park.

10. My question is not here–who should I contact?
Contact one of our editors (see Staff page), or faculty adviser, Alison Jaenicke (acj137@psu.edu).