Hamster Wheel

By Sydney Child

Memory archive
This slow dive
Dream reprise
Life’s enterprise
Serves no surprise
I run and hide
I can’t abide
I’m left all alone
Cold as winter’s bone
See what you did
I fall and skid
Avoid the bigger picture
And fill up the pitcher
Unwanted thoughts
Things I had forgot
All of the people
As distant as a steeple
Living without life
Constant feel of strife
Slow and speeding
Trapped and kneeling
Waiting on magic
Hearing like static
Pathetic and strung out
Conscious looming doubt
It’s always too early
Shoulders hunched surly
Speed of light–hope
Fades quicker than dope
Heavy emptiness
A deceiving temptress
No going back
Try to pick up slack
A tiring vicious cycle
The archive now idle

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